About Us

A Beauty Bar that focuses on passion of all things beauty

Marrying Impaired Artistry Institute with Crippled But Cute Artistry has been a life long dream. Our founder Julianna has 3 chronic illnesses, but still lives everyday dedicated to making her clients look and feel amazing. Julianna started building Crippled But Cute as a makeup artist in 2016, she dedicated her entire career to bringing out the inner beauty in all of her clients. Makeup is more than just colors to Julianna — it’s a chance for people to step out of their everyday comfort zone and discover a realm of phenomenal excellence in themselves. Here at Impaired Artistry Institute we offer a variety of services, and use proven techniques and top-of-the-line products.​

Impaired Artistry Institute is growing to be a gem of Montgomery County. With guaranteeing quality and professionalism to all of our customers. We commit to making our customers look stunning and feeling their best. Contact us and see what our team of qualified professionals have to offer you today!